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Hello and welcome to Sew 'n Sew!

My name's Trisch.  I'm supposed to be the head honcho here.  While I might be the main digitizer at www.sewnsew.co.za, I am, by no means, the boss.  I have two bosses who are really bossy, and I mean really bossy.  They sleep in my stash and they sit on my projects so I am forced to find other ways to work!

Otherwise, when I can work (ha ha!) I try to design fun stuff - and some serious stuff too - that you, my awesome customer will just love as much as I do.

The Monthly Project Club and Block of The Month Clubs have been a great success.  Consider joining us and get a different project to do each month - and it's at such an affordable rate, you just can't pass it up.

I'm so fortunate that I have a couple of different machines.  This allows me to test stitch for the different formats so that when I release designs, I know they're good to go.

So, if there's something you want me to design specifically, or you have a quesion, please contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">here!


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