frequently asked questions ... aka so how do I do that?

Q What format do I choose?

A First step is to determine which format is used by your machine.  Check your user manual or contact your nearest dealer.  They will be able to assist you with the best format for your embroidery system.

We offer the most popular machine formats, but, if you don't see your format listed, send us an email and we will gladly convert any designs to the format of your choice.

Q What size do I choose?

Again, check what size hoops your embroidery system uses and then, if our designs offer multiple formats, choose the size you would prefer.

Please take a moment to make sure that you have the correct hoop size chosen before checking out.

Q What are your returns and refunds policy?

We ask that you make certain of the format and size you have placed in your cart as all the files are digital downloads and hence cannot be refunded once payment is made.

Q Are your designs licensed?

By purchasing our designs, you are licenced to use them for stitching only. These stitchouts can be used for personal use, charity donations, and as gifts.  They are not however to be traded, re-sold or loaned or given to anyone.  Should you wish to use them for workshops and teaching, each participant is to have purchased the design or project directly from www.sewnsew.co.za

Q Is my information when purchasing safe and secure?

Absolutely! We use BMT Micro as our payment gateway.  They are certified as a secure site.  Please check their policies at http://www.bmtmicro.com/support/misc_forms/PrivacyStatement.html